Wellness Center at Shrine Hosts Clinic

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The Wellness Center hosted a special health clinic at St. Anthony Shrine on May 20 for a local organization working primarily with African refugees in the Boston area. Representatives from the African Community Health Initiative approached center director Lynn Finn a few months ago about collaborating on a health clinic, with the shrine serving as the location for the clinic. She agreed, and they joined together to bring about a successful clinic that saw many people, primarily refugees from various places in Africa.

The clinic focused on health screenings such as cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure and hemoglobin. Recently, the Wellness Center purchased a Hemocue machine designed to screen red blood cells. This is particularly valuable, as it can detect anemia or other potentially problematic issues. For many people in this group, anemia can be a symptom of much larger problems.

The center has been busy throughout the month of May reaching out to area organizations that work with low income and immigrant communities. Earlier, the volunteer nurses and our volunteer dentist visited the Irish Immigration Center and spent three hours with the clients. Also, the center held a clinic at the Notre Dame Education Center in South Boston.

The Wellness Center is blessed with a dedicated staff of nurses and volunteers. This is one reason why it is so respected in the community. These outreached programs screened 45 new guests.