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HNP Communications Around the Province

NEW YORK — The staff of HNP Today welcomes news from its readers.

E-mails and press releases about ministries, schools and parishes — from friars, staff members or other representatives — are some of the ways that the Communications Office learns of news around the Province.

Helpful Hints

To be certain that information is clear, a few tips are offered:
1.  Include the topic of the message in the subject line of each e-mail. Consider including the date, the place and the theme of the event/message.

When replying to e-mails, remember to revise the subject line of the previous e-mail. This makes the content of the new message clear to the recipient.

A book published last year provides helpful information about the use of e-mail.  It is titled  Send: The Essential Guide to Email for Office and Home by David Shipley and Will Schwalbe (Alfred A. Knopf 2007) and provides suggestions and clarification  about (1) when emails should be used, (2) how to write the perfect email, (3) six essential types of email, and (4) the emotional email.

2.  Include in e-mail notes the phone number of sender, as well as his/her affiliation, if relevant to the information being submitted (example: Jane Doe, chair of the parish social justice committee).

When sending articles as Word documents, be sure to include the name of author, with contact information on that document. An information submission form is available on the communications page of the Province’s Web site. Many correspondents find this easy to use.

3.  When sending photographs, please include information about where photos were taken (at what event) and who is in the photos (for captions).

Newsletter Schedule

Deadlines for upcoming issues of HNP Today:
• July 1 for the July 9 issue
• July 17 for July 23 issue
• July 31 for Aug. 6 issue

Questions and comments about topics featured in the newsletter are welcome. Feel free to contact Jocelyn Thomas, HNP’s director of communications, to discuss story ideas.