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WASHINGTON — Daniel Horan, OFM, graduate student at Washington Theological Union, will give the annual fall public lecture sponsored by the Thomas Merton Society of Washington, at St. Anselm Abbey School. 

Daniel (pictured) will speak on “Freedom that Embraces Everything: The Influence of Francis of Assisi and the Franciscan Tradition of Thomas Merton,” at 2 p.m. on Nov. 14. A reception will follow. The presentation is hosted by the Benedictine Monks of St. Anselm’s Abbey. 

His lecture was one of several events reported in a recent issue of Pulse, the WTU’s e-newsletter. On Oct. 7, Dr. Leslie Knox of Marquette University in Milwaukee lectured on the significance of Franciscan women in the Medieval Church. 

The Role of Medieval Franciscan Women
Knox gave a detailed view of her research into Medieval Franciscan women, according to Pulse. She also traced history through the Clarissian women’s experience of being followers of Francis of Assisi, as well as the many instances of Clarissian women fighting for the right to adopt the rule of St. Clare. She gave insight into the little-known, intellectual tradition of these women as well as their witness to the faith, especially through martyrdom.

WTU also offers many courses through distance learning. The spring schedule is posted on its Web site. Registration is accepted Nov. 2 through 20. 

Study Tour on the Early Church
Professors Sr. Theresa Koernke, IHM, and Fr. Joseph Wimmer, OSA, are organizing a study tour in the footsteps of saints John and Paul, May 14 to 27, 2010. The focus will be on the growth of the early Church. 

Tour members will follow Paul’s travels through the ancient Greek and Roman ruins of Athens, Corinth, Thessalonica, Philippi and Ephesus, and read his letters on location. They will experience the spirit of St. John in the city of Smyrna, while walking through the ruins of Pergamum and Ephesus. For more information, e-mail Sr. Theresa at koernke@wtu.edu.