Updates and Reminders from Communications Office

Jocelyn Thomas Around the Province

NEW YORK —The Province’s communications office reminds readers of two ways to share information in this newsletter with friends, family, colleagues and other who may be interested in news about Holy Name’s people and ministries.

Try one of these methods:
1) Forward an article by copying the URL address shown at the top of your screen into the body of an e-mail.
2) Send the link for the Publications section of HNP’s Web site to your contacts by copying the URL address shown when your screen is showing the Publications section, and pasting it into an e-mail message.

Readers are also reminded that all names in HNP Today that appear bold are those of Holy Name friars. To find information about these priests and brothers, visit www.hnp.org and use the “search” feature shown at the top right of the screen.

Contributors of information to HNPT are asked to include their contact information with each news submission. Always provide a phone number in addition to an e-mail address. An information submission form is available for use by contributors who prefer to not write draft articles. It is located on our Web site.

When using the Web site, remember to hit the “refresh” button on the top of your screen to rotate the photos shown on the Province’s home page.

The staff of the communications office is located in the new Provincial Office on West 31st Street. To schedule an appointment to share some news about a ministry, parish or person, please phone me at 646-473- 0265, ext. 321.

Upcoming events and people that will be featured in future issues of HNP Today include:
• The affiliation of two new postulants on August 11
• BonaFest at Allegany, N.Y., parish
• Commemorations of the feast of St. Clare
• David Haack’s art show in Washington, D.C.
• Highlights of the Provincial Council’s August 13 meeting

— Jocelyn Thomas is the Province’s director of communications.