Updated Directory, New Photo Album Online

HNP Communications Around the Province

NEW YORK — Updated friar contact information has been posted online. Just before Memorial Day weekend, the Communications Office updated the 2010 HNP Directory, which — as always — can be found in the HNP Extranet.

Also in May, a new photo album was posted in the HNP Photo Gallery. It is titled “Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration” and can be found in the events gallery. An album showing photos of the 2010 priestly ordination is being developed and will be posted in the coming weeks.

Informational Resources
Over the past several months, the Province’s Communications Office has produced a variety of informational documents for friars and ministries. They include:

Communicating Through Photos: Reminders about the value of photos in communicating themes and images.

Submissions for HNP Today Newsletter: Guidelines for Provincial Directorates and Committees: Outline of timeline and procedures for submitting information to the CO for this newsletter.

E-announcements from Provincial Office — Procedures: Useful for friars who might like to ask the Provincial Office to distribute to all the friars of the Province information about an event, a directorate or a parish.

HNPFriar.org: An Overview of Features:  Being distributed to friars along with account information. A detailed update about the new Google e-mail option will be provided in a future issue of this newsletter by Jim McIntosh, OFM, who chairs the HNPFriar.org implementation committee.

Submission Deadlines
The Communications Office has a list of the publication dates of this newsletter, which can be e-mailed to any friar or ministry director who requests it, said Jocelyn Thomas, HNP director of communications.

Submission deadlines for summer issues of the newsletter are:
· June 14 for the June 23 issue
· June 30 for July 7
· July 14 for July 21
· July 29 for Aug. 4
· Aug. 11 for Aug. 18
· Aug. 25 for Sept. 1

Thomas said, “All these tools were developed to be useful for friars.” She encourages anyone with questions or comments — as well as friars who need assistance logging into the Extranet — to contact her by phone (646-473-0265 ext. 321) or e-mail.