Updated Directory Information Requested

HNP Communications Around the Province

HNP friars are reminded to submit changes to their contact information to the Provincial Office before Oct. 13 for inclusion in the next Provincial directory.

The updated directory will be available on-line by the end of October.

Friars who have not recently updated the following forms are asked by Michael Harlan to do so now. These forms are —

  • Family Contact Information
  • Funerary Requests
  • Health Care Proxy

Copies of each form should be given to your guardian and also mailed to Michael at the Provincial Office. These forms are available in the HNP Friars Only section of the Province’s Web site.

The Provinicial Office is compiling information for both the on-line version of the directory and the printed directory which will be published before the end of the year.

All changes to addresses, telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail addresses should be sent to Terry Bartha at the Provincial Office by mail, e-mail (tbartha@hnp.org) or fax (800-420-1078), no later than Friday, Oct. 13. Cell phone numbers will not be published in the directory, but will be added to the Provincial database.