Update on 31st Street Building Project

John O'Connor In the Headlines

Construction continues to go well on the new building at 31st Street. They are currently getting ready to pour the 26th floor.

Now that they are focused on the high-rise part of the building, they are able to pour 10 floors a month and expect to have all 58 floors poured by the end of June.

The building will have 58 commercial and residential floors and a tower on the top that will make the over all height of the building approximately 62 stories high.

The workers have begun installing the granite facade on the friary part of the building and will soon begin the brickwork on that section. Glass has already been installed on the first eleven floors of the high-rise part of the building.

Fred Dilger from Holy Name College joined me last week for meetings to finalize the wood finishes for the interior. Fred will join Jerome Massiminoand a committee of friars from the 31st Street community this week to work on choosing carpets, furniture and window treatments for the friary. Fred was an interior designer before he joined the Province.

On March 7, Jerome and I met with a liturgical architect to begin planning for the chapel interior.

The contractor now believes that we should be able to move in sometime between March 15 and April 15, 2007.