Update from St. Barbara Province

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OAKLAND, Calif. — Missioners from California’s St. Barbara Province here wrote first-person accounts of their ministries in Arizona, Peru, Guaymas and Russia in the November/December issue of the WestFriars newsletter and Pacific Currents e-letter.

Bishop Gerald Kicanas of the Diocese of Tucson, Ariz., filed a report on the San Solano Missions parish in Arizona, where he said that Fr. Max Hottle, OFM, is leaving after 19 years. The children in the parish performed a special dance for Fr. Max. 

Missionary News
Fr. Tommy King, OFM, reported on his work at Tierra Blanca and his new ministry in Pucallapa, Peru. He wrote about the difficulty of ministering in an area that has electricity for only several hours a night, just two telephones and makeshift Internet connections.

Fr. John Gibbons, OFM, is serving in Ussuriysk, Russia, where two friars cover two parishes and a homeless shelter. 

Br. Ivo Toneck, OFM, of the mission in Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico, wrote in the province’s Pacific Currents e-letter about the aftermath of Hurricane Jimena that struck in early October. 

He wrote, “All of the streets became rivers. Three feet of water coursed along Serdán, the main street, entering most of the shops, destroying much merchandise. …”

More first-person accounts of their ministries are provided in the newsletters of St. Barbara Province. 

In Other News
Provincial Minister Fr. John Hardin, OFM, was elected vice president of the OFM English-speaking Conference and liaison for the American Academy of Franciscan History and Franciscan Mission Service. News of his election was reported in the province’s FriarsNews, a monthly publication.

Pacific Currents noted that Doubleday has released a book by journalist Paul Moses about the encounter between St. Francis and the Sultan of Egypt. It is called The Saint and the Sultan. The newsletter also included a save the date for the Annual Franciscan School of Theology Gala on March 13, 2010, at Clarement Resort and Spa in Berkeley, Calif.

The province also reminded readers that Nov. 29 is the feast of all Franciscan saints.