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Notable events for the month of October include:

One Year Ago
Oct. 4, 2016 – St. Francis Villa, an affordable housing facility for seniors, opened a block away from St. Francis Inn soup kitchen in Philadelphia. Among the friars who participated in the dedication were Fred Dilger, OFM, who helped arrange the environment for the event, William DeBiase, OFMMichael Duffy, OFM, John Gill, OFM, and Jim McIntosh, OFM.

Oct. 9, 2016 – Assumption Parish in Wood-Ridge, N.J., commemorated the 90th anniversary of its founding with a Mass celebrated by Kevin Mullen, OFM, who served at Assumption from 1979 to 1982.

Five Years Ago
Oct. 17, 2012 — Fr. Melvin Jurisich, OFM, of St. Barbara Province, was nominated General Visitor for HNP by the OFM General Definitorium. He then served as president of the 2014 Provincial chapter.

Oct. 29, 2012 — Hurricane Sandy made landfall in the United States, causing damage to several of the Province’s ministries, including St. Francis of Assisi Church on Long Beach Island, N.J., which experienced severe flooding. The church reopened the following June, nearly eight months after the storm damaged the structure and much of the surrounding area.

Ten Years Ago
Oct. 1, 2007 – Kevin Mullen, OFM, was inaugurated as Siena College’s 10th president. In 2014, he was elected as Holy Name Province 16th Provincial Minister necessitating his resignation from the position at the college.

Oct. 7, 2007 — The Carnevale Center — named for former pastor Michael Carnevale, OFM — was opened at St. Mary’s Parish in Pompton Lakes, N.J.

Oct. 11, 2007 – John O’Connor, OFM, assumed the presidency of the English-Speaking Conference during the autumn meeting of provincial ministers in Danville, Calif.

15 Years Ago
Oct. 24, 2002 — Dominic Monti, OFM, was selected as the Province’s additional delegate to the 2003 General Chapter in Assisi, with Charles Finnegan, OFM, as the alternate delegate.

20 Years Ago
Oct. 5, 1997 – St. Bonaventure Parish in Paterson, N.J., marked its 120th anniversary with a Mass celebrated by Bishop Frank Rodimer.

25 Years Ago
Oct. 3, 1992 — A rededication Mass was celebrated at the Church of St. Francis of Assisi in New York City, marking the 100th anniversary of the present church building on West 31st Street.

30 Years Ago
Oct. 18, 1987 – St. Francis of Assisi Parish, Triangle, Va., observed its 30th anniversary.  Twenty years later – in 2007 – the northern Virginia community celebrated its 50th anniversary.

50 Years Ago
Oct. 7, 1967 — The Franciscan Chapel Center in Tokyo, Japan’s only English-language Roman Catholic parish, opened. The center has been known as a place where people could go for help, according to William DeBiase, OFM, who worked at the chapel from 1988 to 1994.

55 Years ago
Oct. 8, 1962 — The opening of the Second Vatican Council was highlighted at St. Francis of Assisi Church in New York City by a series of sermons and prayers given by James Linehan, OFM, Alfred Martin, OFM, Theodore McNally, OFM, LaSalle O’Friel, OFMand Lambert Zaleha, OFM.  

Compiled by Johann Cuervo

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