Survey Results: Should U.S. Adopt a 3-Party Political System?

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When HNP NOW came across a recent Gallup poll whose results found that more than half of Americans believe a third major political party is needed in the country because the two major parties of Democrat and Republican are doing a poor job, we posed the survey question in the Nov. 16 edition – Do you believe we need a third party in U.S. politics? Friars not only agreed with Americans in the Gallup poll, they agreed by a greater percentage.

While more than 50% of Americans called for a third political party, an overwhelming 89% of friars believe that a third major party is needed in the country. Only 11% of friars support the status quo of the two-party Democrat-Republican system.

A dissenter on the third-party concept had this to say: “We just need both of the major political parties we now have to get their act together.”

Interestingly, it was the only opinion shared in the comments section of the survey. Perhaps the responding friars thought it best to keep their political opinions to themselves!