As servants of the Lord, let the brothers go begging for alms with confidence. And let those who assist them know that they will receive a great reward from the Lord.”

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Almost 800 years ago, St. Francis told his brothers that when their own labor was insufficient to support their life and mission, “they should go out, seeking alms with confidence.” In that spirit, the Franciscan friars of Holy Name Province gratefully request donations to support our life and work. We need the help of committed partners-in-ministry if we are to continue the wide variety of ministries in which we are engaged.

Join us today with a tax-deductible gift and be a part of spreading hope and good will for those who need it most. For information on how to donate, visit our Office of Development’s website.

The Franciscan Challenge

All of us face challenges in our lives: relational, economic, personal loss, or even a challenge of faith in God or the Church. As Franciscans, we hope our message and outreach have helped to make your life’s challenges less painful. But now, more than ever, we Franciscans face our own challenges: educating the men in the process of becoming friars, supporting our friars who serve the poor, and caring for our sick and aging friars.

We ask for prayers and financial support as we continue our mission of “healing wounds, uniting what has fallen apart, and bringing home those who have lost their way.” Make our annual appeal, The Franciscan Challenge, your own, and help continue to make that Franciscan spirit a force for the change our world so desperately needs. More information on the Franciscan Challenge is provided in this video.

Additional Ways to Support the Franciscan Friars

St. Anthony’s Guild

St. Anthony’s Guild
St. Anthony's Guild, formed in 1924 in Paterson, N.J., is a religious association of laypeople guided by the Franciscan friars. Its mission is to promote the spiritual well-being of its members, to aid the education of young men in their vocation to the Franciscan Order, and to serve God by helping the Franciscans in every field of apostolic work. We invite you to join the Guild so that together we can show others that love at work makes a difference. More >

Franciscan Missionary Union

Franciscan Missionary Union
The Franciscan Missionary Union of Holy Name Province was founded in 1922 to support and promote the missionary activity of our friars. Over the years, the FMU has enabled our friar missionaries, as well as other religious and laypeople who have joined them, to bring the Gospel to people in countries as diverse as Bolivia, Brazil, China, Mexico, Peru, Taiwan, and East Africa, as well as domestic missions. Since proclaiming the Gospel entails not only words but deeds, our missionaries continue to work with local communities to develop programs that foster the integral human development of the people they serve. More >