State Decertifies Arch Street Facility

John O'Connor Around the Province

BOSTON — Holy Name Province learned this month that the 103 Arch Street residence has been officially decertified as a level IV Assisted Care Facility, according to William Fitzgerald, guardian and director, who was notified by Raymond Cryan of the Department of Public Health and Division of Health Care of Massachusetts.
The residence at 103 Arch Street was decertified as a result of the provincial council’s decision to do so. When we originally applied for certification, it was our belief that we would save money on the operation of the facility by being certified.

After several months of operating as a certified assisted-care living facility, it became obvious to us that we were not only not saving money but that it was costing us more to operate as a certified facility. Thus, we decided to apply for decertification.

“This is because we were never able to fill all 16 beds,” said Dennis Wilson, the province’s treasurer.

“We are keeping all medical records on site, and we did not have controlled substances that had to be accounted for with the Department of Public Health,” Bill said. “The Facility Closure Form will serve as our official decertification effective August 1, 2006.”

Due to budgetary cutbacks, the State of Massachusetts will not make an official inspection of the facility because we did not have to transfer any friars to another facility, according to Bill.
It was a long time in coming, but we can now close the books on St. Anthony Residence being a state-certified facility, Bill added.

The provincial office was notified of this change through a letter to Dennis who said that the facility is now officially a retirement house. Photo above shows residents of St. Anthony in Boston.