St. Mary’s Celebrates and Buys Books

Kevin Cronin Around the Province

As part of the 100th anniversary of St. Mary’s this year, many friars have been invited back on weekends to preach and to celebrate the anniversary by talking about various themes.

I returned this summer and spoke about “A Time to Dance” and enjoyed my first visit back to the parish since ministering there from 1987-93 with Charles Miller andWilliam Scully.

It was wonderful to see so many great friends, and to see the parish still thriving, and being a center of Franciscan spirit and Catholic life in Passaic County. Some people were still actually sitting in their same seats.

Since it was my it time back formally,  I was able to offer for the first time to the people our book called A Friar’s Joy, Magic Moments From Real Life, a collection of essays and stories  written by 15 friars from the Province, including Charley and me.

We sold 240 books, the most that we had ever sold in one place. This raised $2,400 for the Ministry of the Word Program.

I am glad that we could share the joy, and make some money, all while celebrating St. Mary’s 100 years.