St. Francis Springs Prayer Center Recognizes Dedicated Staff Member

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From left to right:

From left to right: David Hyman, Ann Bauer, and Louis Canino. (Photo courtesy of Louis)

STONEVILLE, N.C. — The Province’s Francis Medal was presented last month to Ann Bauer, acknowledging her years of work and dedication to the Franciscan mission at St. Francis Springs Prayer Center.

The medal was presented by David Hyman, OFM, at a Nov. 15 dinner ceremony at the prayer center. The festivities included dinner, a song performed by Bauer’s daughters, and a humorous slide show. Family and friends attended the ceremony.

The center’s director and founder Louis Canino, OFM, commented on the support and tireless effort that Bauer, assistant director, has given the prayer center, helping it to become the welcoming retreat center it is known as, while it furthers the Franciscan mission in North Carolina. “Ann Bauer has been an integral part of the center since before it opened in 2005,” said Louis.

After remarks by Louis and David, Bauer was given the Francis Medal, created by the Province in 1998 to recognize laypeople who contribute to the values and ideals of St. Francis of Assisi.

Louis nominated Bauer for the medal because of the wide variety of support, effort and time she has given over the past 10 years, “helping the center to become a place to practice the ideals of St. Francis,” he said. Bauer is a professed member of the Greensboro, N.C., Secular Franciscan Fraternity. Her husband, Joe, a member of the prayer center’s building committee, was recognized with a Francis Medal in 2007.

“It has truly been a blessing for me to be able to work in this Franciscan ministry and with the friars,” said Bauer. “Fr. Louis has the gift of making ‘work’ spiritual, fun and interesting.”

Earlier this year, Louis gave the HNP Francis Medal to a priest in Wilkes-Barre, Pa.  Around the Province, friars recently presented the medal to partners-in-ministry at St. Camillus Parish in Maryland, as well as in Boston.

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