St. Francis Cares Reaches Out to More Needy People

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NEW YORK — Maureen Hess, director of St. Francis Cares, a ministry of St. Francis of Assisi Church here that gives gifts to the less fortunate throughout the year, has announced the launch of three new projects.

The Cares group, also known as SFC,  celebrated Father’s Day for the first time this year, by remembering single fathers in need with a special token gift. Cares remembers women and children throughout the year, at Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day, and Hess thought it was high time to recognize the fathers.

The program also recognized graduating high school seniors this month with a special token gift.

This year, Hess also launched the Birthday Closet, an ongoing fundraiser to collect toys, clothes and money for mothers who are raising children by themselves.

Hess welcomes all gifts — however large or small — and money is always appreciated so she can shop for special items. You can send a check, made payable to St. Francis of Assisi Church, earmarked for St. Francis Cares, or for a specific gift program.  Donations — both checks and items — can be mailed or delivered to St. Francis Parish House, 135 W. 31st St., New York, NY 10001  Attention: Maureen Hess.

Donors are asked to provide names and addresses with the items.

Recently, Hess and eight members of SFC’s knitting group, visitied Christian Brotthers nursing home in Aberdeen, N.J. On  June 12, they participated in a Bingo game and a pizza party with the 34  residents of the facility.  “We had a great time,” Hess said.