St. Barbara Province Prepares for Chapter 2009

HNP Communications Franciscan World

SAN FRANCISCO — The friars of St. Barbara Province here met in June to review plans for their Chapter 2009. Thirty friars and lay guests met at the Old Mission San Luis Rey in Oceanside, June 9 to 10.

Led by Provincial Minister Melvin Jurisich, OFM, the province reviewed the Chapter preparation process, selected and prioritized issues, set the Chapter agenda, and made recommendations for the development and presentation of agenda items.

The group discussed priority issues, including the care of senior friars, declining numbers, restructuring provincial commitments, the need to develop new ministries, multicultural concerns, immigration, and collaboration with laity.

The group also discussed the concern that every friar be included in the Chapter, and that all issues be thoroughly vetted, even in the face of strict time limitations.

The participants agreed to commit to do its best to provide friars with information and opportunities to express their views before the Chapter date, especially at the fall regional meetings.

Details about the June gathering can be found in the July issue of Friar News, the publication of the St. Barbara Province.