St. Anthony Shrine Named Best in Boston

John Maganzini Around the Province

BOSTON– St. Anthony Shrine on Arch Street is being recommended on a Web site that provides visitors information about local culture, restaurants, religion, businesses, and other services.

David Convertino was recently made aware that St. Anthony Shrine has been mentioned on as one of the “best churches” in Boston.

Below are some of the quotes that appear on the site and that summarize the honor given to the Shrine:

“Although we live in Quincy, my wife and I have been attending Sunday mass at the shrine regularly since Easter. We both grew up in Boston and knew Arch Street as a place to catch feast day masses or to light a candle. The Francisican friars are patient, kind, welcoming people who always seemto have time to talk. We happened upon a weekend mass in the Spring and were instantly hooked by the amazing spirit that comes through in the liturgy, particularly in the music. I’ve never been one to sing in church, but something about this music gets me going. Do yourself a favor and get to one of the weekend masses, especially when the woman is there on the piano.”

 “…weekend Mass at St. Anthony’s Shrine is an experience you cannot miss. The priests are sincere and the new music is phenomenal. Our family has been to the Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning Masses. The shrine is a must if you are in the area.”