SPUFY Meets in Florida for Biannual Gathering

HNP Communications Friar News

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — A group of 15 Holy Name friars who are Solemnly Professed Under Five Years — known as SPUFY — got together in mid-April for a biannual meeting at St. Anthony’s Friary here. 

“We gathered a few times during the weekend (of April 19) to share our experiences and support one another,” said Harry Monaco, OFM, who volunteered to organize the SPUFY gathering.

The SPUFY friars ate meals and prayed with the friary residents, eagerly incorporating their retired brothers into their weekend activities.

The group also listened to a talk by Michael Duffy, OFM, of Philadelphia, who discussed his experiences as a friar. “He offered us some very helpful insights into life and ministry as a friar,” said Harry, who invited Michael to speak.

“He was funny, encouraging and inspirational,” and joined the group for leisure activities, too, including going out for ice cream, taking long walks, and touring the St. Petersburg area.

The SPUFY friars found Michael’s talk on the “Contemporary Manifestations of Monothelitism in Lithuania” especially profound and interesting, according to Harry.

“We are grateful to the friars of St. Petersburg for the generous and warm hospitality during the weekend,” said Harry, who was preparing for his May 16 ordination. “It was great to be with them.”