SPUFY Friars Meet

Jocelyn Thomas Friar News

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — A group of approximately 15 Province friars met earlier this month at St. Anthony Friary here for the Province’s gathering of friars who are solemnly professed under five years.

The event, held Jan. 4 to 8, was coordinated by Hugh Macsherry, OFM, of Boston, who was ordained last year. Friars solemnly professed under five years, commonly referred to as SPUFY, take turns organizing the gatherings, which are now annual. In the past, SPUFY friars met biannually.

During this retreat, the group, guided by Dennis Tamburello, OFM, reflected on “Then and Now.” Dennis spoke about fraternal and vowed life, ministry and the Church. He compared his early days of profession to today’s realities. Each topic involved discussion by the group, said Daniel Dwyer, OFM, who mentors SPUFY friars with David Hyman, OFM, of Georgia.

“I used the theme to reflect on my religious life from the perspective of being professed five years or less versus looking back over more than 30 years of profession,” said Dennis, a professor at Siena College.

spufy-rThe retreat was “an enjoyable opportunity for friars who live at the St. Petersburg friary to meet some of the newer friars,” according to Daniel. 

Switching to a longer annual meeting rather than shorter meetings twice a year received positive feedback from participants, Dan said. The next gathering will be in January 2011.

Fr. Fred Link, OFM, took the gathering as an opportunity to meet friars. As the Province’s visitor, Fr. Fred will meet with each HNP friar individually this year.

Shown in the photo above are Linh Hoang, OFM, of Loudonville, N.Y., and Juan de la Cruz Turcios, OFM, of Tampa, Fla. The behind photo shows Zachary Elliott, OFM, of East Rutherford, N.J., with George Corrigan, OFM, of Tampa.

— Jocelyn Thomas is director of communications for the Province.