Southwest Franciscan Community Holds Fiesta Franciscana

Maria Hayes Franciscan World

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Last week, friars from Sacred Heart and Our Lady of Guadalupe provinces collaborated with Conventual friars, Felician and other Franciscan sisters, and Secular Franciscans to hold the Fiesta Franciscana in San Antonio.

The weekend of music and art at Mission Espada featured performances by Franciscan friar and noted composer and harpist Fr. Robert Hutmacher, OFM, of Sacred Heart Province. Franciscan artists also took part in a display and open art fair, according to the March issue of The Padres’ Trail, the newsletter of OLG Province.

Friars in Albuquerque broke ground last month on the new San Juan Diego Friary, which is scheduled for completion in December 2013. Parts of the old friary will be demolished and the remainder of the building will be remodeled to accommodate different needs of the province. An update appears in the latest issue of the newsletter, which included photos of the site taken by Glenn Humphrey, OFM, who lives at St. Michael Friary in Arizona.

The newsletter also showcased the life of Fr. Cecil Kleber, OFM, who died in early April. Fr. Cecil spent the majority of his ministry in New Mexico. “Maker of rosaries, giver of haircuts called ‘the Kleber Buzz,’ the dispenser of wisdom — all these can be used to describe a friar priest who literally spent his life in service to others. He was also known for all his formality to be an extremely sensitive and compassionate confessor and counselor,” according to the newsletter.

The February issue of The Padres’ Trail featured the life of Fr. Flan O’Neil, OFM, who spent 50 years ministering to the Navajo Indians. Fr. Flan died Jan. 23 at the age of 88. “He was a man of simple faith with a deep and personal prayer life, and a friar in love with his priesthood and the ministry that flowed from it,” according to the newsletter.

In February, Raphael Bonanno, OFM, conducted a parish mission titled “Awakening Our Faith in Challenging Times” with one of the Navajo Indian communities. Raphael will share his experience in a future issue of HNP Today.

 Compiled by Maria Hayes