South Carolina Parish Awards Francis Medal

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NDERSON, S.C. — St. Mary of the Angels parishioner Sharron Sutterfield is true to the spirit of St. Francis in caring for all creation.

For the past two years, Sutterfield worked endlessly, sometimes eight hours a day, to beautify the church grounds. “She has made it into a real showplace,” said pastor Aubrey McNeil, OFM.

Planting shrubs and bushes, landscaping the garden beds, adding a fountain, statue of St. Francis, rosary path and crucifix, Sutterfield has given her talents to St. Mary of the Angels time and time again.

In recognition of her dedication, the church bestowed on her the Francis Medal at 5 p.m. Mass on Dec. 6.

“She also is responsible for the many shrines and ornamentation that adorn the church property,” said Aubrey, “and had a wall built around a statue of the Virgin Mary where people gather and sometimes recite the rosary.”

12-17-08-Francis-Medal-LgWhen she wasn’t working outside, Sutterfield, a seamstress, made altar cloths and linens, and vestments, all from materials she donated.

“The Francis Medal is a mark of our unending gratitude,” said Aubrey.

Sutterfield recently moved from South Carolina to Tennessee when her husband was transferred.

The photo above shows Aubrey with Sharon Sutterfield and her husband John.