Siena To Offer Religion and Globalization Course

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LOUDONVILLE, NY. —  A new course titled “Religion and Globalization” will be offered during the fall 2007 semester at Siena College.

Dr. James Dalton of the college’s Religious Studies Department will focus on three major themes: 

1.The development of new religious movements that have emerged out of classical religious traditions and in response to global economic and cultural developments, e.g. Hindu Gurus, American Buddhism. 

2. The phenomenon of “religious fundamentalism” within religious traditions as a response to modern and post-modern global situations, and the globalizing tendencies of religious traditions, e.g., in Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and Christianity.

3. The Franciscan tradition of Christianity will be examined as a global development beginning with Francis of Assisi and represented through the Franciscan Order in the 21st century.