Siena College Hosts Conference for Educators

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LOUDONVILLE, N.Y. – Siena College here hosted a day-long conference last week to discuss improving civics education programs to encourage students to be more politically active.

“Promising Approaches to Civic Education” was held Nov. 16, and brought area teachers and active students together to meet with speakers on improving civics education in schools.

“We’re turning out standout educators,” said Kenneth Paulli, who heads Siena’s nationally accredited teacher education program. “What’s needed is to bring teachers and students together, to share ways and means regarding civic knowledge, awareness and participation.”

Speakers at this event were Dr. Richard Battistoni, a political scientist from Providence College, and Dr. Manuel Rivera, deputy secretary of education for New York State. Battistoni discussed reclaiming the civic mission of schools. Rivera talked about advancing civic education through public school partnership.