Senior Friars Enjoy BBQs

Cassian Miles, OFM Friar News

RINGWOOD, N.J.— Some may believe that summer barbecues come to a close with a passing of Labor Day. But don’t tell that to the senior friars at Holy Name Friary here. 

Francis Soucy, OFM, still stood at his outdoor grill on Sept. 30, flipping burgers and hot dogs for his grateful community. He had also served other BBQs throughout the month. 

Kitchen staff and aides kept busy ferrying plates of that traditional fare to residents chatting under the outdoor patio and tables on the adjoining grass of the property. 

Wearing his towering chef’s hat, white apron and goggles (to ward off the smoke), Francis, the friary’s guardian,  smiled in satisfaction as his staff added ribs, sauerkraut, beans, potato salad, coleslaw, and fresh corn on the cob to the main course. Afterwards, ice cream proved a popular dessert to conclude the pleasant luncheon on a warm sunny early afternoon. 

The last cookout of the year is always in October. But the friars don’t worry about it because the first of next year will be early. Ringwood holds a “cookout-eat in” event in February with the community eating the grilled goodies in the sun-soaked solarium. The only one who suffers is the cook who may feel cold. On Oct. 8, the Ringwood friars are celebrating the season with an Octoberfest.

 Fr. Cassian, a former director of communications for Holy Name Province, is a temporary resident of Holy Name Friary.