Ringwood Friars Discuss CMEP’s Letter to Obama

Cassian Miles, OFM Friar News

RINGWOOD, N.J. — Ten residents of Holy Name Friary here recently took part in a discussion of the letter to President Obama from Churches for Middle East Peace (CMEP).

The concerns of the resident friars included the roles of Church leadership and the United Nations in dealing with this critical issue.

The three friary activity directors guided the discussion.

In their letter to Obama, members of CMEP declared: “We commend your message to the people of the Middle East and your challenge to all of us to work for Holy Land peace as we seek to build a more positive future for the people of the region and the world.”

Francis Soucy, OFM, friary director and guardian, noted: “Although Holy Name Friary is officially listed under the SAR (Sick and Retired) Directorate, much of our community’s attention is focused on matters that emerge from the JPIC (Justice, Peace, Integrity of Creation) Directorate.

“Many of the friars have a keen concern about issues relevant to the work of the directorate: ecology, emigration, unemployment, world hunger, peace and justice and others,” he said. “In particular, they follow the progress or regression of the relationship between Israelis and Palestinians that will enhance or prevent justice and peace.

“They deeply regret, for example, Israel’s decision to establish more settlements in Palestinian territory. The discussion following the viewing of the CD of Cardinal McCarrick and the signing of the letter to President Obama reflects their concern.”

Francis said all friars received the CMEP’s letter. He said, “The directorate’s hope was that most would sign it.”

— Fr. Cassian, a resident of Holy Name Friary, is the proofreader for this newsletter. He is a former director of communications for the Province.