Response to Wellness Survey ‘Excellent’

HNP Communications Around the Province

The Province’s Wellness Committee reports that it is pleased with the large number of friars who submitted completed wellness surveys.

As of the end of January, 305 surveys were received, according to J. Patrick Kelly, the committee’s chair, who said he believes one of the major reasons for the good response was the fact that the provincial minister “backed the effort so strongly.”

John O’Connor thanked the friars for their involvement.  In a Feb. 1 e-mail note, John said,  “I cannot remember a time in the history of our Province when so many participated in a survey or responded to a questionnaire.”

The committee will study the response and work to develop programs to enhance the health and welfare of all the friars, John said.

Jim Kelly said the committee plans “to try to disseminate the data from the surveys to the friars of the Province as well as use them for educational development.”