Resources for Third Anniversary of War

Russell Testa Around the Province

As you may be aware, March 20 marks the third anniversary of the beginning of hostilities in Iraq. The on-going war in Iraq continues to be a subject of much division and heartache.

The justice, peace and integrity of creation directorate for the Province has asked me to distribute some resources to each of you as we approach this time. In particular, we are invited to prayer and penance – penance understood here in the best of our Franciscan tradition as reconciliation. In this way, we continue to develop and unleash the spiritual energy of peacemaking. This also represents a way to participate, at least in part, with the fulfillment of the provincial commitment, passed at Chapter 2005, to be a Province known for peacemaking.

Pax Christi USA has prepared a number of resources that can be helpful in preparing to address this difficult subject. I will include in a mailing to you some of the best, but others can be found at Pax Christi USA’s Web site below.

I hope that these can be of some assistance to you, both personally and in your ministerial efforts.

If I can be of any further support, or you know of other resources that can be helpful for others, please do not hesitate to contact me at (202) 541-5245 or