Remembering Creation in October

HNP Communications Around the Province

During the month of October, many of our ministries take time to consider the impact and call of the life of St. Francis for our world today. In particular, we should be encouraged to determine how the life of St. Francis calls us to a live in harmony with creation. In recent weeks, we have been challenged to look at the situation of global warming. Each of our ministries has a particular opportunity to move deeper in this reflection, particularly during the first week of October.

Each of our ministries is invited to participate in the Oct. 1-8 Spotlight on Global Warming by showing the recent film An Inconvenient Truth. If you agree to show the film, you will receive a free DVD to show during the first week in October and to keep for future use. You will also receive attendee packets with information about global warming and suggestions for what each person can do to make a difference.

Learn more about the offer and sign-up at the link below.This offer is from the nationwide Interfaith Power and Light campaign – mobilizing a religious response to global warming in congregations through the promotion of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and conservation.

This is a small and simple thing we can do to help live out our call to live with “integrity for creation.” If you have any questions regarding this opportunity that cannot be answered at the above Web site, please contact Russ Testa at 202-541-5245 or