Registration Is Open for R&R Fraternal Gatherings

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The Office of Revitalization and Restructuring is hosting in-person fraternal gatherings for all friars of the US-6 provinces – and you’re invited! Learn how the US-6 are preparing to form one coast-to-coast province. Bring your experience and wisdom, and share the stories of your province with brothers from around the country. These enriching gatherings will span two-and-a-half days, during which time you will receive an update on the status of the R&R process – including information on the “Franciscan Renewal Initiative,” how to use synodal processes for fraternal discernment, and how fraternal leadership structures will be designed. The pace of these gatherings will be mellow, inviting, and prayerful.

Registration is now open for these R&R fraternal gatherings – with the first scheduled May 3-6 at St. Paul of the Cross Passionist Retreat Center in Detroit, Michigan, and the second for June 21-24 at San Damiano Retreat in Danville, California. The Detroit event will include a visit to the Solanus Casey Center, and the West Coast gathering will visit the St. Anthony Foundation. Click here to register for the May or June gathering.

In addition, all friars through the age of 65 are invited to a “Gather and Discern” event scheduled from July 25-29 in Kansas City, Missouri, where you will have the opportunity to talk about fraternal life and leadership at a discussion called “Your Role in Our New Province.” Click here to register for the July gathering. Additional Gather and Discern events for friars of all ages will be offered in fall 2022 and winter 2023.