Recommended Reading

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As part of an occasional series, HNP Today suggests publications that are relevant to friars and their partners-in-ministry. The following books offer insights into social justice issues as well as tips for finding joy.

Drinking With the Saints: The Sinner’s Guide to a Happy Holy Hour by Michael P. Foley (Regnery History, 2015) was described in the July 9 issue of Catholic New York. The book, written by a Catholic professor, is a first-of-its-kind Catholic bartender’s guide that pairs feast days with related cocktails. It describes 28 original drinks, providing information about the saints with whom they’re paired. “The Christian life is the life of joy,” said the author, who teaches at a college in Texas. “This book is not for partiers. It’s for people to be joyful. We Catholics have a great deal to be joyful about.”

The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd (Penguin Publishing Group, 2014) is recommended by Fran Eskin-Royer, senior staff assistant in the HNP Office for Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation. Set in Charleston, S.C., this work of historical fiction explores the relationship between the middle daughter of the wealthy Grimke family and one of their urban slaves, as the relationship evolves over 35 years. “Kidd is a masterful storyteller who creates a riveting portrayal of two women as they struggle for different kinds of freedom in the oppressive South,” said Eskin-Royer. “The author weaves in well-researched bits of history that illuminate the abolitionist and early women’s movements, as well as a foiled slave revolt organized by Denmark Vesey, a free black man with close ties to the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church.”

“With the recent killings at Mother Emmanuel Church in Charleston, this read took on a chilling importance for me,” she added. “I think we need to revisit the region’s history as we work to renew public dialogue about racism in the U.S.”

The HNP Communications Office welcomes emails from readers who would like to suggest a book or periodical. Themes that are relevant to friars and partners-in-ministry — in addition to spirituality and news of the Catholic Church — include topics related to the Province’s committees and directorates: vocations, justice and peace, wellness, African-American and Hispanic ministries, and young adults. The previous “Recommended Reading” was published on June 24.

Compiled by Maria Hayes