Recommended Reading

Jocelyn Thomas Features

As part of an occasional series, HNP Today suggests publications that are relevant to friars and their partners-in-ministry. Three books are recommended this month: one by a religious education teacher, one by an Ohio-based friar, and one by a German cardinal.

A Children’s Rosary (Brown Books Publishing Group, 2014) by Kathy O’Neil is recommended by the Catholic Marketing Network, which included the book in its April 8 Spotlight e-newsletter. Called “the perfect gift book for First Communion,” the book was “created as a prayer map to help children learn how to pray the rosary and understand God’s desire to talk to us through prayer,” said O’Neil, a religious education teacher. Her “great desire is to help children understand that God really loves them and that through the power of prayer, every child can talk to God.”

Enter Assisi: An Invitation to Franciscan Spirituality (Servant Books/Franciscan Media, 2014) by Fr. Murray Bodo, OFM, of St. John the Baptist Province, was recommended by Daniel Horan, OFM, in the Feb. 26 issue of SJB News Notes. Daniel describes the spiritual guidebook-meeting memoir is a work of art painted with the words of a gifted poet.” According to an overview, “Enter Assisi takes you on a journey through the gates of the city, where you will discover in your own life the way to follow Jesus as St. Francis did.” The book is available at a special price from Barnes and Noble, News Notes said.

Pope Francis’ Revolution of Tenderness and Love: Theological and Pastoral Perspectives (Paulist Press, 2015) by Cardinal Walter Kasper is recommended by National Catholic Reporter, which reviewed the book in its March 13-26 issue. In the article “Francis’ Theological Spokesman Publishes New Book on Pope,” writer Christa Pongratz-Lippitt said the author “portrays the pope as neither conservative nor liberal but a radical who wants to bring about a revolution of mercy.” His book is an attempt to “approach the Francis phenomenon theologically, to throw light on the theological content of the present pontificate and to elucidate the new perspectives it opens up,” according to this NCR review.

The HNP Communications Office welcomes emails from readers who would like to suggest a book or periodical. Themes that are relevant to friars and partners-in-ministry — in addition to spirituality and news of the Catholic Church — include topics related to the Province’s committees and directorates: vocations, justice and peace, wellness, African-American and Hispanic ministries, and young adults. The last “Recommended Reading” was published March 18.

— Compiled by Jocelyn Thomas