Raleigh Fund Receives Donation from Knights

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RALEIGH, N.C. — A recent donation to the Daniel Kenna, OFM, Endowment Fund at St. Francis of Assisi parish here will benefit the Early Childhood Learning Center.

The Daniel Kenna, OFM, Endowment Fund received a $500 donation from the Knights of Columbus. The fund, established in 2004 and named for the parish’s third pastor, provides tuition assistance for children in the Early Childhood Learning Center. The center, established in 1991 with approximately 50 children by then pastor David McBriar, OFM, has continued to flourish, and now serves 172 families, according to parish Communications Coordinator Marc Kielty.

With a building expansion and renovation program under way, coupled with future donations to the Kenna Endowment Fund, pastor Mark Reamer, OFM, and founding Director Nancy Bourke, shown in photo, are hopeful that the Early Childhood Learning Center will provide even more children a place to begin their Catholic education, Kielty said.

Dan is pastor of Holy Name Church on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.