Provincial’s Travel Schedule

HNP Communications In the Headlines

NEW YORK , N.Y. — John O’Connor has announced his travel schedule for the early part of 2007.  Key dates and events are shown below.

Jan. 2 – 3 Meeting – friars in formation, Aston, Pa.
Jan. 5 Visit friars at Ringwood, N.J.
Jan. 8 -10 Meeting – Provincial Council,
Margate, N.J.
Jan. 14 Liturgy – For Martin Luther King, Jr.,
celebration, Silver Spring, Md.
Jan. 16 Meeting – Washington Theological Union
Corporate member provincials
Jan. 22 Meeting – Washington Theological Union
By-Laws Committee
Jan. 27 Mass – at Pompton Lakes, N.J., to conclude
parish anniversary celebration.
Feb. 5 – 7 Meeting – executive committee of the
OFM English-Speaking Conference
Franciscans, St. Petersburg, Fla.