Provincial Vicar’s Schedule

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The duties of Dominic Monti, OFM, as General Visitor of Assumption Province are taking HNP’s Provincial Vicar to various locations in the Midwest as well as to Italy.

Since last month, Dominic has been immersed in his assignment, which requires that he be away from the Provincial Office for roughly two weeks a month for the next several months.

Dominic returned to New York on Oct. 8 after visiting the friars of Green Bay, Pulaski and Burlington, Wis.

This week, he celebrated the memorial Mass for Stephen Doyle, OFM, and then travelled to Montreal to present information to the English-speaking Conference about the study being done on a combined novitiate for all U.S. provinces. He will return to the Midwest — where Assumption is based — later in October for meetings in Indianapolis Oct. 27 to 29, and then will travel to the Chicago area to visit Assumption friars there, returning to New York on Nov. 7.

On Nov. 13, Dominic will depart for Rome for a week of meetings at the General Curia with the other friars named as general visitors.

He will resume his visitation of the Assumption Province on Dec. 2 at the friaries in northern Indiana, returning to New York on Dec. 8. Dominic will serve as president of Assumption’s chapter, scheduled for May 2011.