Provincial Office Announces Newsletter Schedule Change

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NEW YORK – Change is coming to the Province newsletter, according to the HNP Communications Office.

The most significant change, says director of communications Jocelyn Thomas, comes in the distribution of the newsletter. Beginning with this July 10 edition of HNP Today, the newsletter will now publish monthly, rather than bi-weekly.  The staff plans to publish the balance of 2019 newsletter issues during the second week of each month.

In addition, there will be a number of modifications to editorial style, most in accordance with the Associated Press Stylebook, but also reflective of internal terminology.

None of the changes will affect the e-publication’s continuity and success in providing its broad coverage of friars, ministries, programs, and events across the Province, as well as around the Franciscan world.

News Distribution
Stories will continue to be posted on throughout the month, and many shared on the Facebook page of the Franciscan Friars of Holy Name Province, keeping readers fully informed and up to date.

Friars, supporters, friends, and others with interest in the latest Franciscan news find articles divided into five sections – Headlines, Friar News, Features, Around the Province, and Franciscan World.

“We want our readers – the friars of Holy Name Province and our large external base of followers and supporters – to have the ability to get interesting and useful content in a timely way. Through the now-monthly e-publication, combined with postings on HNP’s website and Facebook page throughout the course of each month, we will achieve this goal,” said Thomas, who serves as chair of the English-speaking Conference Communications Committee.

Between newsletter issues, friars are also kept up to date through e-bulletins, called “HNP News for Friars,” which are designed to provide news of interest and importance to Province members. In addition to the general version of this communications vehicle, which has been produced since the 2011 Provincial Chapter, the Communications Office produces an “R+R” edition that provides updates about the Revitalization and Restructuring process currently underway at Holy Name and five other OFM provinces in the United States.

Changes to Style
Simultaneous to the change to a monthly distribution, revisions are being made to the newsletter’s editorial style. Most will be subtle, according to Thomas.

“The main change in editorial style is incorporating recent modifications in the AP Stylebook, the commonly-used editorial rules compiled by the Associated Press wire service,” Thomas explained.

“In addition, we are revising some of our in-house editorial style traditions,” she continued. “For example, we are considering no longer use the courtesy titles of ‘Father’ and ‘Brother’ with the names of Franciscan friars.  Also, rather than show in bold only members of Holy Name Province, we will begin bolding the names of all friars who are members of US-6 provinces participating in the R+R Process.”

“Highlighting names of friars from other provinces around the country will help friars become acquainted with our brothers across the United States,” said Jim McIntosh, OFM, communications assistant.

Jim also noted that the newsletter will use more nicknames of friars as a way to convey informality and familiarity. He said that the Communications Office will be issuing an updated HNP editorial style book that will contain all of the stylistic changes.

Two years ago, a survey conducted of HNP Today readers showed that many subscribers requested more articles featuring stories about friars and their ministry work. The Communications Office has responded through retiree and other profile articles, as well as feature stories about friars recognized with awards and involved in unique, interesting and captivating ministry work.

The Province launched its first newsletter in 1968 during the administration of the late Finian Kerwin, OFM, according to an HNP Today article on the history of the HNP Communications Office.

Articles published in past issues of HNP Today can be found in the Communications section of, which archives HNP Today stories categorized by month, and date back to 2006 when the electronic version of the newsletter was launched.

In order to better each all friars, hard copies of newsletter articles are being provided to friars who live in healthcare centers and to friars who prefer to read them on paper rather than on a screen.

Editor’s note: Questions and suggestions about the Provincial newsletter or any aspect of the Province’s communications can be directed to Jocelyn Thomas at or 646-473-0265 ex. 321