Provincial Council members met last month after the guardians’ meeting in St. Petersburg to approve documents regarding finances and higher studies, as well as the naming of a new vicar at St Anthony Shrine in Boston.

Michael Harlan In the Headlines

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — At their meeting here last month, Provincial Council members approved updated financial and higher studies policies for the friars of Holy Name Province, as well as the nomination of John Hogan as vicar for St. Anthony Shrine in Boston. Details about these and other topics discussed by council members at their Nov. 16 and 17 meeting are below.

Mission in Peru
Paul Breslin, guardian in Lima, met with the council members to provide an update on the current status of the mission in Peru and some of the issues facing the ministries.

Policies on Higher Studies
The Provincial Council revised and approved the policies on higher studies for HNP the friars; the document is available in the “HNP Friars Only” section of the Province’s Web site.

Financial Policies
The Council reviewed and approved the financial policies contained in “Making Sense,” the document containing financial policies and information used by friars as well as treasurers and bookkeepers within the Province. A copy of the policies can be found on the “HNP Friars Only” section of the Province’s Web site.

Formation and Studies Directorate
Dominic Monti updated council members on the status of the friars in the various stages of formation. Dominic also provided the Council with a report on the Formation and Studies Directorate meeting held in October that focused on several areas, including (1) the philosophy requirements for theological studies and (2) the vocation admission standards and policies. A lengthy discussion by Council members followed the examination of the report.

The Provincial Council will meet next on Dec. 13 and 14 at the Provincial office in New York City.