Provincial Council Meets

Michael Harlan In the Headlines

The Provicial Council met March 15-16 at the Provincial Offices in New York City. These are the highlights of that meeting.

Justice, Peace, Integrity of Creation

The Provincial Council devoted a good amount of time on the first day of its meeting to one of the Provincial priorities: Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation.

The Council reviewed and discussed the report from the International Congress of JPIC Animators, titled, “Embracing the Excluded of Today.” The report provided an opportunity for the Council to reflect on the area of social analysis and systemic change.

The Council reviewed the various strategy proposals for the HNP JPIC for 2006-2008 that focus on the following areas: peacemaking, twinning, community investment, immigration, and other JPIC projects (Ecumenical Advocacy Days and the JustFaith program).

Also, the Council reviewed information from the JPIC directorate regarding the No More Deaths campaign, “Humanitarian Aid is Never a Crime” (a coalition of communities and individuals of faith and conscience working to end the suffering and deaths of migrants at the U.S. and Mexican borders). The Council agreed to endorse the campaign as an organization sponsor.

Visioning and Planning Process

The Provincial Council reviewed an extensive report of the visioning and planning committee from their meeting on March 3.

The Council also reviewed the timeline for the visioning and planning process (March 2006-June 2008), which would engage the participation of the full membership of friars and our lay partners.

The Council affirmed the importance of the events and meetings that would take place during this time period (retreats, meeting with directorates, house chapters, regional gatherings, guardians meeting, Chapter of Mats in 2007 and the Provincial Chapter in 2008).

Franciscans International

The Provincial Council welcomed representatives from Franciscans International (FI) to the meeting: John Quigley, OFM, Executive Director of FI (Geneva); Michael Perry, OFM, Advocacy and Consultant on Africa for FI (New York) and Eddie Bauer, Fundraising Consultant for FI.

The representatives from Franciscans International presented information on the following:

  • The history and structure of FI
  • The vision, mission, membership, sponsors, and board of directors of FI
  • An update on the various projects in which FI is currently involved (particularly in Africa)
  • An overview of the financial resources FI receives from various groups and individuals, especially in the Franciscan family

An opportunity for discussion and dialogue followed the presentation.

Candidates for Solemn Profession

The Provincial Council voted to approve the following friars for solemn profession upon the recommendations of their formation directors:

  • George Corrigan
  • Zachary Elliott
  • Emerson Rodriguez-Delgado
  • Gonzalo de Jesus Torres

Solemn profession will be celebrated on Saturday, Sept. 9. Time and location will be confirmed shortly.

Friar Assignment

Charley Miller is assigned to St. Camillus Parish in Silver Spring, Md., effective in the fall.

Directorates and Committees

The Provincial Council received reports from the chairs of the following directorates and committees of the Province: Finance (Kevin Mullen), Sick and Retired (Christopher Coccia), Fraternal Life (Francis Di Spigno), Ongoing Formation (Edward Coughlin), Ministerial Development (Andrew Reitz), and Benevolence (Michael Harlan).

The next Provincial Council meeting will be held April 20-21 in New York.