Provincial Council Highlights

Michael Harlan In the Headlines

At its September meeting, the  Provincial Council  voted unanimously to approve the request of the friar community at All Saints Church on East 129th Street in New York City to be recognized as a formed community in Holy Name Province.  Currently, Daniel Sulmasy serves as the liaison for the friar community.  The community will be submitting its recommendation forGuardian to the Provincial Council.

The Provincial Council voted that the friar community at Gemelli House in Silver Spring, Md, be recognized as a formed community in Holy Name Province.  Vincent de Paul Cushing will continue to serve as the Guardian.

Other issues and news reviewed by Council members include —

* Guardians’ Meeting
The Council reviewed the agenda and draft schedule for the Guardians’ Meeting, being held Nov. 13-16 at St. Anthony Friary, in St. Petersburg, Fla.  A letter is being sent to all guardians and presenters this week with information about the meeting.

* Praesidium, Inc.
The Provincial Council received a progress report from Edward Coughlin on the preparations for compliance accreditation with Praesidium, Inc. The Council reviewed a mailing to be sent to the guardians regarding the annual meeting with each friar in the fraternity as prescribed by the compliance standard, and information on the friar’s personal life plan and plan for fraternal living.  In addition, the Council reviewed on-going education materials on the issue of sexual misconduct that will be mailed to all of the friars in the Province.

* Request from the Province of Our Lady of Guadalupe
The Provincial Council reviewed a request from the Province of Our Lady of Guadalupe seeking ministerial assistance in the Southwest among the Native American and Hispanic peoples. Any  friar from Holy Name Province who  is interested in exploring the possibility of serving at one of the Native American ministries (with the Navajo and Pueblo peoples) or with the Hispanic people in the Southwest, should contact John O’Connor for information.

* Communications
The Provincial Council formally welcomed Jocelyn Thomas to Holy Name Province as director of communications. She is the first layperson to hold the position.