Provincial Archivist Offers Publications

HNP Communications Around the Province

BUTLER, N.J. — Copies of four publications, as well as friar memorial cards, are available to friars and partners-in-ministry at the Holy Name Province Archives. Archivist Vincent Grogan, OFM, said the Archives is offering an “end-of-the-decade clearance.”

“The HNP Archives maintains extra copies of various items, and some friars might wish to avail themselves of this opportunity for study and reflection,” Vincent said.

The free items available to friars are:
· Friar memorial cards
· Past issues of The Provincial Annals
· Past issues of The Anthonian, quarterly publication of St. Anthony’s Guild
· Recent issues of the Acta Ordinis Fratrum Minorum

Certain past issues of The Cord, the publication of the Franciscan Institute, as well as volumes 1 through 9 of theNew Catholic Encyclopedia, are also available.

Friars can contact Vincent by e-mail or phone (973-838-4080).