Province’s Website, Newsletter Being Enhanced

Maria Hayes In the Headlines

NEW YORK — Next month, and HNP Today will be sporting a new look.

The Province’s Communications Office staff is overseeing the transfer of the Province’s website from its current content management system, ColdFusion, to WordPress, a popular CMS used by more than 60 million websites. This new platform will make it easier for staff to add and update site content.

A new website design will accompany the move. will receive a more modern look while maintaining much of the current site’s navigation, content and format. Minor design changes include adding more white space and updating fonts and icons throughout the site.

“Our goal in changing website platforms is not to change the design completely but to ‘refresh’ the look,” said Jocelyn Thomas, director of communications. “The Province has always received excellent feedback from visitors around the world about the design of and content provided on,” said Thomas.

HNP Today will undergo a major change in format. Newsletter stories will no longer be published biweekly. Instead, articles will be written and posted as news happens, similar to a blog where updates can be made daily.

“We look forward to providing friars and their partners-in-ministry with more timely content,” said Thomas. “This new newsletter design will help us increase the speed in which we communicate news and information.”

The new format will allow articles to include more photos, as well as videos, slideshows, podcasts and other multimedia elements. An improved search function will help users find a specific story effortlessly. Social share buttons will be included with each story, making it easy for readers to share articles on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

Current newsletter subscribers receive a biweekly email each Wednesday containing links to HNP Today’s most recent articles. This email will be redesigned following the site’s launch, but will still be distributed on a biweekly basis. Those who have not yet subscribed to HNP Today can do so on the Province’s website.

HNP Today’s new format was discussed with the Communications Advisory Committee and reviewed by members of the Provincial administration.

In addition to the refreshed look, will be compatible on mobile devices, including cell phones and tablets. The new website platform will be programmed to recognize when a mobile device is accessing the site and will fit the website to that device’s screen size for optimal readability.

“Internet usage on mobile devices is exceeding that on personal computers,” said Thomas. “We recognized the need to be where our audience is.”

The new website design will launch during the first week of August.

 Maria Hayes is communications coordinator for Holy Name Province.