Province’s JPIC Work Featured in OFM Newsletter

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ROME — The December issue of Contact, the newsletter of the General Curia’s Office of Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation, featured Holy Name’s JPIC Plan of Action 2012-13.

The publication reported that in September, the Provincial Council approved the JPIC plan prepared by the Provincial JPIC Directorate that includes establishing:

  • A working group from the JPIC Directorate to meet with Provincial formation personnel to determine how to best support formation efforts. This action is in response to the Order’s mandates from general chapters and JPIC Congresses for JPIC animators and committees to be a stronger support to formation through more active collaboration. The group hopes to map out concrete actions by spring 2013.
  • A structured process of JPIC training for Latino persons. This process will be a multi-session training program that can be used in HNP ministries. The goal is to promote this program in coordination with the Province’s Hispanic Ministry Committee.
  • A more centralized set of English formation resources for HNP ministry use.

The collaborative efforts also aim to support immigration issues by working with ministries and friaries to distribute regular “immigration myths” and facts, beginning with the 2013 National Migration Week in January. The JPIC Directorate plans to continue to work with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and other allies to further immigration reform.

The action plan also addresses climate change issues. The Province is working to promote and utilize the Franciscan Statement on Climate Change in HNP ministries, and partnering with allies to determine how HNP ministries can discuss advocacy regarding energy and the environment.

“We appreciate Contact because it reminds us in a tangible way that we are part of a larger network of Franciscans working for justice and peace and keeps us from feeling isolated in our efforts,” said Russell Testa, director of the Province’s JPIC office in Silver Spring, Md.

“Holy Name Province seems to be reading and responding to the signs of the times appropriately,” he added. “As its JPIC Plan outlines, in 2013, the Holy Name Province JPIC Office, JPIC Directorate, and many of its local ministries will work closely on both immigration and financial reform efforts. The aftermath of ‘Superstorm’ Sandy also affords an opportunity to bring greater attention to creation care and further promote the Franciscan Statement on Climate Change.”

In other Contact news, Joseph Rozansky, OFM, coordinator of the Order’s JPIC office in Rome, met with members of the OFM Animation Committee at the General Curia in November.

The committee evaluated JPIC work done since the last meeting, which coincided with the meeting of the International Council for JPIC in Nairobi, Kenya. At the Nairobi meetings, it was decided to concentrate on three areas: peace and reconciliation, environmental justice and ecology, and collaboration among the services of the Order, especially JPIC, formation and evangelization. The committee decided that a letter should be sent to all JPIC animators on the first anniversary of the Nairobi document to ask how they have implemented the proposals, and to learn more about plans they have prepared for their JPIC initiatives.

The OFM Animation Committee also examined resource materials being prepared for the Order and made suggestions for revisions. The first is a “tool kit” on peacebuilding and reconciliation.

The Rome meeting was the last one for HNP alumnus Ignatius Harding, OFM, of Bolivia, and Fr. Peter Aman, OFM, of Indonesia, who have completed four years of service. Two other friars have been nominated to serve on the committee: Fr. Matthew Beckmann, OFM, of Australia, and Fr. Rene Arturo Flores Medina, OFM, of Central America.

The annual JPIC course, “Believers and the Question of Sustainable Development,” will take place April 9 to 19 in Rome. Offered in the Order’s three official languages, Spanish, English and Italian, the course will promote the formation of JPIC animators. Information about the course can be found online.

Recent issues of Contact can be found in the Resources/Publications section of the HNP website’s Justice and Peace page.

— Compiled by Wendy Healy. The above photo, taken from the December issue of Contact, features Jacek Orzechowski, OFM, and Erick Lopez, OFM.