Province Extends Sympathy to Families of Deceased

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The friars of Holy Name Province extend sympathy to the families of three friars who recently died.

Patrick Critch, 61, of Newfoundland, Canada, brother of Frank Critch, OFM, died on Aug. 2 after having been involved in an industrial accident on July 31 in western Canada. His is the second death this year of a member of the Critch family; Frank’s sister Brenda Ann died on May 21.

Richard Nee, 84, brother of the late Robert Nee, OFM, died on July 24 in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Joan McIntyre Testa, 82, aunt of Bill McIntyre, OFM, died on Aug. 8 in Pennsylvania.

Editor’s note: Contact information for survivors of the deceased can be obtained by calling the Provincial Office at 646-473-0265.