Province Enhances Web Site

Jocelyn Thomas In the Headlines

NEW YORK — A key section of Holy Name Province’s Web site has been reformatted to more clearly display the many services offered by the Province.

The site now provides a list of the Province’s ministries categorized in six groups:
1. Education
2. Ministry to the City
3. Parishes
4. Preaching/Spiritual Centers
5. Service to the Poor
6. Foreign Missions

This list can be found in under “Our Work” where the heading “Ministries” previously appeared.

The change was made for two reasons.  First, it enables visitors to the site to more easily locate HNP ministries for which they are searching.

Second, it enables people seeking a specific service to find solutions.  For example, someone wondering whether Holy Name Province offers retreats or missions can find their answers under “Preaching /Spiritual Centers.” Those wondering whether the friars of the Province have a church near the town to which they are relocating can refer to “Parishes” and click on the appropriate state.  Links to all ministries that have Web sites are provided.

Visitors can find details about grants offered by HNP under Funding of Programs in “Services to the Poor.”

Dominic Monti, who provided much of the written text for the six sections, said that the new format “provides a clear method for those interested in our ministries to find information.”

The Province’s office of Communication is planning additional modifications to the HNP site.  They include:

  • Incorporating a site-wide search engine
  • Adding to the Publications page an information submission form for newsletter contributors
  • Revising the layout of the Friar Stories in the Vocation section

Newsletter readers are welcome to contact the HNP Communications Office to provide ideas for content/format modifications that may strengthen the site’s usability.

 Jocelyn is the Province’s Director of Communications.