Province Congratulates Jubilarians, Remembers Deceased

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NEW YORK — The ancient Romans named the first month of the new year after Janus, the god of doors and gates. Since a door opens both ways, Janus was thought to be able to peer back into the past and forward into the future.  The god was usually represented in art as having a double head that looked both ways.

As 2008 opens, the friars of Holy Name Province look forward to celebrating the jubilees of their brothers who are observing anniversaries of profession and ordination. They also remember their brothers who died in 2007.


The Province honors the gifts the friars have brought through their lives and ministries to the other friars of the Province and the people of God.  The friars commemorating anniversaries of their religious life are listed below.

25 Years as Friars 
Paul Breslin, OFM
Daniel Dwyer, OFM
Michael Harlan, OFM
John Marino, OFM
Francis Matthews, OFM
Dac Tran, OFM

50 Years as Friars

Martin Bednar, OFM
Richard Biasiotto, OFM
Edward Flanagan, OFM
Berard Hanlon, OFM (alumnus)
Kevin Mackin, OFM
William Mann, OFM
David McBriar, OFM
Neil O’Connell,OFM
Paul Osborne, OFM (alumnus)
John Pierce, OFM
Gabriel Scarfia, OFM
Paul Sinnema, OFM
Robert Struzynski, OFM

60 Years as Friars
David Babcock, OFM (alumnus)
Mario Di Lella, OFM
Hugh Eller, OFM

70 Years as Friars

Robert Lynch, OFM
Lambert Valentine, OFM

25 Years Ordained
John J. Coughlin, OFM
Brian Jordan, OFM
Joseph Juracek, OFM
James O’Connell, OFM
Ronald Pecci, OFM

50 Years Ordained
Charles Finnegan, OFM
Joseph Ganssle, OFM
Depaul Genska, OFM
Evan  Greco, OFM
Juvenal Leahy, OFM (alumnus)
Gerald McCaffrey, OFM
Ignatius McGeady, OFM (alumnus)
Thomas Murphy, OFM
Joseph Nangle, OFM
Howard O’Shea, OFM
Sennen San Fratello, OFM

60 Years ordained
Philip Nielsen, OFM

The annual provincial celebration of the jubilees of profession is scheduled for June 19 at St. Francis of Assisi Church in Manhattan.

In Memoriam
As the friars thank God for the gift of their brothers who are celebrating anniversaries this year,  the Province looks back in gratitude for the lives of their brothers who left us in 2007.  Those listed below gave many years of service, prayer and fraternity to the Province and to the world.

The following 11 Holy Name Province friars died last year.

Joel Campbell, OFM, died Feb. 1 in East Aurora, N.Y.
Gerard McDonald, OFM, Feb. 11 in Butler, N.J.
Edward Burke, OFM, Feb 26 in Ringwood, N.J.
Carmel Lluria, OFM, Feb. 26 in Paterson, N.J.
Frederic Musser, OFM, March 3 in Boston, Mass.
Emmett Mulligan, OFM, March 6 in Ringwood
Thomas Fox, OFM, June 4 in Ringwood
Quintin Neyland, OFM, died May 30 in Butler
Gregory Brennan, OFM, died Aug 20 in Onoville, N.Y.
Gordon Murphy, OFM, Oct. 4 in Boston
Campion Lally, OFM, died Nov. 11 in Ringwood