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NEW YORK —  The variety of ways to get information about Holy Name Province continues to increase.

Scenes of the friars in various Province  ministries, parishes, and friaries are now on YouTube, the popular video-sharing Web site, thanks to a friar who was recently solmenly-professed.    

Titled “Become a Franciscan,” the video includes clips from the Province’s recently-released video as well as music.  To view it, click

The video was created by Kyle Haden, OFM, who uploaded it to YouTube.

YouTube’s Reach
Since YouTube attracts hundreds of thousands of viewers each day, this is an effective way to tell the public, especially young people who are frequent users of the site,  about Holy Name Province, according to Jocelyn Thomas, HNP’s director of communications. Holy Name’s Vocation  Director is considering including this video on the “Join Us” page of  HNP’s web site. 

YouTube, created in early 2005, hosts millions of videos. As of two years ago, it hosted more than 6 million videos, according to the Wall Street Journal. Research in 2006 reported that more than 100 million videos were being watched every day.
Studies show that YouTube has had a huge social impact.

The Province’s video Holy Name Province: Love at Work has been accessible for several months on the home page of Holy Name’s Web site.
Newsletter Schedule
In other communications news, the release of this issue of HNP Today was delayed by a week to accommodate vacations and the Labor Day holiday.  The newsletter is now back to a regular schedule of distribution every other Wednesday.

Deadlines for submission of news for upcoming issues are:
Sept. 17 for the Sept. 24 issue
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