Province Celebrates 2014 Jubilarians

Maria Hayes In the Headlines

Last month, Pope Francis reminded the faithful of God’s great love for them, saying God lowers himself, coming down to earth as little and poor, showing that in order to be similar to him we must not place ourselves above others, but rather lower ourselves, place ourselves in service, make ourselves small with the small, poor with the poor.”

As 2014 begins, Holy Name Province acknowledges this year’s jubilarians, who have placed themselves in service by ministering to the poor as lesser brothers for 25 years and longer. The friars also remember their brothers who died in 2013.

This year, 31 friars are commemorating major anniversaries of profession and ordination in 2014.

These jubilarians have served in parishes, on campuses, and in a variety of social justice ministries along the East Coast and overseas. They are:

25 Years a Friar
Thomas Conway, OFM
Francis Kim, OFM
Patrick Tuttle, OFM
Jud Weiksnar, OFM

50 Years a Friar
John Anglin, OFM
Brice Leavins, OFM
Richard Mucowski, OFM

60 Years a Friar
Julian Davies, OFM
Roy Gasnick, OFM
Robert Gavin, OFM
Capistran Hanlon, OFM
Hugh Hines, OFM
Bernardine Kessing, OFM
Alexius Mulrenan, OFM
Emmet Murphy, OFM
Benedict Taylor, OFM

75 Years a Friar
Emeric Szlezak, OFM

25 Years Ordained
Lawrence Hayes, OFM
John Heffernan, OFM
Gene Pistacchio, OFM
Peter Schneible, OFM
Dac Tran, OFM

50 Years Ordained
Martin Bednar, OFM
Richard Biasiotto, OFM
Edward Flanagan, OFM
Kevin Mackin, OFM
David McBriar, OFM
Neil O’Connell, OFM
Paul Osborne, OFM
Gabriel Scarfia, OFM

60 Years Ordained
Guy Morgan, OFM
Finian Riley, OFM

70 Years Ordained
Emeric Szlezak, OFM

The Province will celebrate silver and golden jubilees of profession later this year.

In Memoriam
Last year, 12 members of Holy Name Province were called to their eternal rest.

· René F. Phillips, OFM, died April 15 in Angola, N.Y. 
· Venant Lalonde, OFM, died April 21 in Ringwood, N.J.
· Fergus Healey, OFM, died May 24 in South Boston, Mass.
· Carmel Miotke, OFM, died June 9 in Ringwood
· Maurice Swartout, OFM, died July 15 in Buffalo, N.Y.
· Philip Nielsen, OFM, died July 21 in Ringwood
· Roch Coogan, OFM, died Aug. 1 in St. Petersburg, Fla.
· Robert Lynch, OFM, died Aug. 13 in Ringwood
· Giles Bello, OFM, died Sept. 2 in Ringwood
· Dominic Finneran, OFM, died Sept. 16 in South Boston
· Lawrence Burke, OFM, died Sept. 18 in Ringwood
· Robert Struzynski, OFM, died Dec. 13 in Ringwood

Holy Name Province wishes HNP Today readers a new year filled with peace and all good things.

 Maria Hayes is communications coordinator for Holy Name Province. Theresa Bartha provided research for this story. The photo behind the image above shows the friars marking their 25th, 50th, and 75th anniversaries as friars.