Province Announces Web Site Search Engine, Other Communications Office Updates

Jocelyn Thomas Around the Province

NEW YORK — Holy Name Province’s Web site now offers its users a search engine. Visitors can easily find information about a broad range of topics related to the Province by clicking on the  “Search” button on the top right section of each page of Visit the site to learn more about the people and events related to Holy Name Province.

The communications office staff reminds its readers that the photograph on the home page can change each time one looks at the page.  By clicking on the “Refresh” button at the top of the screen (sometimes shown by two green arrows), readers can rotate the photos and see an overview of Province people and events.

 Publication News
The Province’s newsletter now offers a larger selection of photos.  To offer readers a more complete visual description of events happening in and around Holy Name Province, the communications office provides a selection of photos in HNP Today.  In addition to the photo shown with the article text, some HNP Today articles now offer a photo gallery as a separate link.

In this issue, look for the article about the Chapter of Mats to see a lively photo montage. Two articles in the last issue of HNP Today included photo gallery links:
  • Memorial Weekend Dinner
  • Franciscan Volunteer Ministers in Three Cities
Other Communications Office news:
1.   The June issue of The Anthonian is now online.  Visit “Publications” on 
Topics featured in this issue include (1) the 25-year old homeless shelter at Holy Cross Church in the Bronx, N.Y., (2) Holy Name’s novitiate program with the Poor Clares, (3) Siena College’s new president and essays by Robert Menard and Walter Liss. To subscribe to this quarterly publication, contact St. Anthony’s Guild.
2.    A form to enable contributors to easily submit information to the Communications office is in development.  This Information Submission Form will be ready for use this summer.
3.     A new distribution system for HNP Today will be launched later this summer.

— Jocelyn is director of communications for Holy Name Province.