Province Adds Photo Gallery to Web Site

HNP Communications In the Headlines

NEW YORK — Visitors to Holy Name‘s Web site can now learn about the Province’s ministries and friars through more than simply text descriptions. Beginning this month, the Communications Office is offering a photo gallery on  the Province’s home page.

The gallery will include both photos of Province events and accompanying captions.

Web Site Usage

Some tips for accessing the photos:
• Click anywhere above the phrase  ”Browse our Online Photo Gallery”
• To enlarge a photo, click on the image
• To return from a photo album to the main photo gallery, click on the event title above the photo display

Event photos that will be featured in the gallery include:
• Solemn profession of vows held in September
• Dedication of the Province’s Manhattan new friary/office building
• Chapter of Mats in June
• Ordination of two friars in May

Newsletter Reminders

The Communications Office reminds readers that information about programs and people in their ministries and parishes is welcome.  For consideration for use in the next issue of this newsletter ( Nov. 21),  submissions are accepted until  Nov. 15.

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