Compliance Board

The Compliance Board of Holy Name Province is established: (1) to ensure that the precepts of its policy are implemented by the Provincial Minister; (2) to advise the Provincial Minister in formulating a pastoral response to the person advancing such an allegation and the friar who has been accused.

The Compliance Board is composed of members who are knowledgeable, sensitive, possess pastoral skills, and some of whom possess professional training and experience in dealing with cases of sexual abuse. Confidentiality is exercised by the Compliance Board in all matters consistent with professional standards and with regards to the civil and canonical rights of the accused friar.

The Compliance Board consists of at least three laypeople (including parents), one of whom must be a woman, and at least two friars of the Province. The chair of the Compliance Board must be a layperson and is selected by the members of the Board.

Members of the Compliance Board will ordinarily serve for three years or until a successor is appointed. Recommendation for new members will be advanced by the existing members and confirmed by the Provincial Minister.

The Compliance Board meets at least twice a year or as often as necessary. The Compliance Board reviews this policy statement at least once every three years and makes any necessary recommendations to the Provincial Minister.