Point Lookout Advisory

Michael Tyson Around the Province

The postulants will be using the house at Point Lookout on Friday evening, April 27, and all day Saturday, April 28.

The summer is fast approaching, and the outdoor showers are already prepared. Please feel free to spend some relaxing time at the Point.

Please be sure to check if there are available beds, though it’s okay to bed down anywhere. There is a calendar in the kitchen near the TV. I’m usually at the Point from Wednesday afternoons to Thursday evenings.

There is an answering machine. Please feel free to call and reserve space. If I do not answer, just leave a message. If there won’t be a free room, I will call you and let you know. If you don’t hear from me, then we will be expecting you.

Please call the Point Lookout number and not my number at Holy Name. The number there is (516) 432-3719.